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Adam Caron    Owner/ Lead Photographer

There was a time in my life when the idea of getting up early in the morning was unbearable. The thought of pulling myself from the warmth of my bed was so unappealing, and I was blind to what

I  could be experiencing in the outside world. The day I discovered my love for photography that all changed. Any given morning you will now find me up before the sun, embracing the elements and the beauty of nature that surrounds us, waiting for that once-in-a-lifetime moment to be captured and forever treasured with a swift click of my finger. Somehow being present in life became far more fulfilling for my soul than the temporary relief of my warm slumber.

I had the pleasure of growing up surrounded by the empowering beauty of the forest and all of its friends in Conway, MA. There is no more inspiring landscape than the hills of my youth for capturing nature’s fleeting moments. My mother’s photo albums are filled with visual reminders of hikes through these woods. The work of my father hangs framed on the walls of my parents’ old farmhouse to this day, offering pictures of my sister and me. They are constant reminders of the power of film and the beginnings of my love for photography.

  After high school, a burning desire to discover the world, help others, and serve my country influenced my decision to join the Air  Force,  where I  was stationed in  Montana. Never had I been to such a breathtaking area of the world and experienced such a raw and natural environment. The crisp and fresh air allowed me to breathe as if it was my first time. I no longer live in that vast state, but a  part of my heart will remain there forever.

  Before returning to Conway to pursue my education, I spent time living in Europe. I was honored to have the opportunity to photograph some of the oldest structures on earth. Being surrounded by enchanting villages and landscape provided unlimited photographic canvas options and strengthened my desire to capture our amazing planet and the people and cultures that inhabit it. In a place where birthday parties are held in old castles, it is hard not to develop a great love for portrait photography. It is a  heartwarming experience capturing the smiles of little girls, more commonly seen on the military base in their jeans and tees when they are dressed up like princesses and spending time with their biggest heroes,  their fathers, and mothers.

 I learned what unconditional love meant the day my son was born and became my ultimate motivation. I hope to inspire him through my photography and show him my story someday through my prints. For now, I enjoy every moment of every day looking at life through his young innocence, and enjoy capturing the world through his eyes. I hope that my photos now hanging on our farmhouse walls will also inspire him to pick up a camera someday and find his own fresh view of this world and that it will speak to his soul as my camera has done for me.    I am Adam Caron and welcome to Soulful Life Photography


                                        Teri Billington   Photographer

 I always know what to expect when I go home to visit my parents. I walk into my old room to store my suitcase and there it is; the wall of photographs that have been hanging there since I moved out. Pictures of all of us kids, you know the ones, taken at a discount box store, now faded and yellow, the faces barely recognizable.  I love the ones of my brothers, back when they still had hair. I even enjoy seeing my senior portrait that stands to remind me of a time when my own hair was not so gray. The wall is full of memories of the people that have played important roles in my life, family and friends alike. Framed memories to remind us of a special event or loved ones that are missed. I am truly thankful to see their faces still alive on that wall.If I had to guess, I would say there are about 30 pictures of all different sizes that 8’x12’ wall. However, my favorite picture is one that hangs on the adjacent wall, almost behind the door. It is a lone portrait of my mother and me took when I was about 4. I don’t remember much about the day we spent having our portrait taken, but if I had to guess, I would say I was a bit fussy what with having to get dressed up and go do something other than play with my friends. Now I look at that portrait each time I am in the room and pause because I can see how much it meant to her for us to have shared that day together.Having left home at the age of 17, I quickly learned that hard work and determination help open the doors to each new journey I encountered.  I joined the U.S. Navy as a way to further my education and was deployed to Diego Garcia during Desert Shield/ Desert Storm. Even though I was an electronics technician by trade, I always seemed to have a camera in a pocket.  I enjoyed taking pictures of my travels and printing out my pictures to send back home. (Some event ended up on The Wall) After the service, it took me almost 12 years to work my way back to Texas and the small town where I was raised. But it wasn’t until I returned home that I realize just how important photography was to me. Almost 40 years after that beautiful portrait of my mother and me was taken, I realized just how powerful and important it is to have memories like that to hold on to.

I am Teri Billington and welcome to Soulful Life Photography.

Dianne Interlande  Photographer

My photographic journey began many years ago back in the days of film photography and dark rooms. 
One basic photography class at Greenfield Community College inspried my love for pictures. I began as a freelance photographer and progressed to weddings and portraits. I truly enjoy working with people and find it so empowering to capture the essence of a moment in time forever. I strive to provide beautiful keepsake memories for you and your loved ones. 


             Alexis Kennedy Photographer

I’m a portrait and wedding photographer from greenfield ma now living in Taunton ma outside of Boston. I graduated from Hallmark institute of Photography. I enjoy yoga, camping, hiking and landscape

Renee Murphy  Office Manager/  Lifeblood of Soulful Life Photography

 I have lived in Western Mass my entire life, and could not imagine moving away from from the beautiful fall weather and changing seasons. I enjoy traveling, photography, long beach days and spending time with my husband and two amazing kids. One day I hope to travel to see Aurora Borealis and the western coast of North America.



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